Sat Nam Rasayan

The journey into the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan® is a journey into sensitive awareness. It is an exploration into the spaces of expanded consciousness that create permanent expansion of the capacity of the self to hold a space of compassion.

The basic concept is that a consciousness can affect a consciousness. And consciousness can effect everything.


Sat Nam Rasayan® is a healing system of allowing, without pushing. It is an expansion of awareness, more like an event of profound realization. It is a system of experience rather than belief or dogma. It is ego-less: Any viewpoint is limiting and, by nature, distorts the experience.

Sat Nam Rasayan® heals because the electromagnetic field created by one person, with a clear intention, can affect another.

This effect takes place in the electromagnetic field of the nervous system.

Sat Nam Rasayan as tought by Gurudev Singh:

Sat Nam Rasayan ENGLISH -The Healing Art
Sat Nam Rasayan ENGLISH -The Healing Art


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